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Interior- (Inscription) Medal front "Reconnaissance De L'Association des mutiles des yeux de France & Des Colonies 29. Rue Guillaume Tell Paris- XVII; Au Peuple Americain." Medal front "Pour Les Yeux Qui Seteignent. Tous Pour Uni...Un Pour Tousi."…

Small jewelry box covered in faux tortoiseshell cover, with off white satin lining. Metal latch on the front of the box (to unlock the box) with metal hinge on the back. Locket 1949.3.75 was found in box.

Silver oval locket with small black and white picture of a soldier behind glass. The front of the locket has a flower motif engraved around the bottom and right side of the picture. The letters M and B are engraved over one another at the top of the…

Mustard ceramic pot with lid. /1-White cup with handle. Blue border around the top and one the handle. Blue, green, and pink floral motif. /2-White lid with blue knob, and cut out for spoon. Floral motif also on the lid.: /1-”Dijon” is on the front…

One of two cords received in the Idaho Merci Train Boxcar. A friendship cord tied in a knot representing the friendship of the United States and France.

Exterior: Clear plastic case holding the Friendship Cord. The cord sits on a flat rectangle…

Hand carved, varnished, rectangular wooden plaque of an eagle with wings outstretched holding a sword. “Souvenir de l’Occupation 1941-44 Pris au Moulin du Magny occupe par les Allemands en Juillet 44.” “Un Scout 1re St. Maisie.” “17 Rue A. France St.…

Leather cigarette case with the Eiffel Tower tooled in the top. Beige leather on the outside of the box. Brown leather on the inside and bottom. Eiffel Tower is tooled in white. 0038 stamped on the bottom.

Small beech wood mustard pot with lid. /1-Burnt in and painted profile of a woman (red, black, blue, white, and green paint). Two painted red knobs at the top of the jar. /2- Lid is beech wood with red painted knob. “Yannel” burned in the wood on the…

Vase, made from the brass shell casing (French 75MM), wasp waist center, hammered band at the top with floral and shield motifs. Engraved “1918 Argonne.” Rifled base incised “Remaine A.S.R.S. 11 17 St. An—G. P-A-ES.”

Possible brass and copper bookmark in a small sword-like shape. The novelty is attached to three sheets of paper by string.

Inscription: On the front of the paper hand written in black ink, “ Souvenir form Verdun-1916” “Maker is “C-bus” by…
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