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1949 winged victory.jpg
Replica of Winged Victory of Samothrace

1949 boxcar.jpg
Restored Merci Train Boxcar housed at Idaho's Old Penitentiary.

Hand carved rectangle wooden stool. Four legs on each corner of the stool and connected together on the bottom. Top: Rectangle top, four circles in the corners showing where the legs are inserted. Bottom: Handwritten letter from the blind man who…

Wooden child’s sled with steel runner. Lifted wooden seat over steel runners. Merci train label taped to the bottom of the seat. Taped on paper label above runner. Inscription: illegible writing on both the paper and Merci Train label.

Blue rectangle box with two metal clasps on front edge. Box opens with gold silk top and an inscription stamped in black on to the silk. In the base of the box is white card board holding velvet with 49 silver, blue, white, and black small pins. …

Satin headscarf with a map of France and tourist attractions, white rolled hem. The center of scarf has a white map of France with tourist stops highlighted in yellow and red. The scarf has a pink background to the map with white pictures of certain…

Garrison cap blue gray with piping. Merci Train emblem medal hung on the cuff with a pin. Emblem illustrates boxcars on a track with a horse and person inside and onlooker facing the train. Brown leather head band on the inside with size, and maker…

Canvas flour bag. Embroidered eagle holding wheat and an American flag beneath him. A torn French flag files above the eagle with the motto “A friend in need A friend indeed."

Peach silk toddler’s dress with shoulder ties. Clown face embroidery in the center of the chest. Musical score sewn in black thread into the hem of the dress with a full figure of a clown in blue, white and black thread. A small star and moon are…

1 of 2 folk-style hoods in collection. Stiff white net hood with floral design in the head of the hood. Floral patterned border around the neck and ties under the chin. Long neck that is open to spread over shoulder with similar floral border in the…
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